1,6 Hexanediol Manufacturers


Grade : Technical
Form : Liquid or solid
Chemical Formula : C6H14O2
Other Trade Name : HDO/ Hexamethylene glycol, 1,6-dihydroxyhexane
Moleculart Weight : 118.06g/mol
Spec. No. : PR/HDO/17/06-01
CAS No. : 629-11-8
UN No. : not applicable



Appearance : White Flakes Or Colorless Liquid
Purity (%) : 99.5 min
Moisture Content (%) : 0.1 max
Acid value (mgKOH/g) : 0.1 max
Color (APHA, molten) : 15 max
Packing : 25Kg bags or 200Kg stainless steel drums
Safety and Handling : Refer Safety Data Sheet
Applications : Sodium hypophosphite is used for electroless nickel plating.
It may be used as a reducing agent or antioxidant in chemical processing, as a catalyst in some polymerization reactions, as a stabilizer to prevent degradation of polymers during extrusion or in other heated processing and may be used as a partial fire retardant
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