Acetophenone Manufacturers

Form : Liquid
Other Trade Name : 1-phenylethanone, Methylphenyl ketone
Chemical Formula : C8H8O
Molecular Weight : 120.15g/mol
Product Description : Clear colorless volatile liquid
Spec. No. : PCL/ACP/16/02-01
CAS No. : 98-86-2
UN No. : not applicable (non-hazardous)



Purity (%) : 98.5 min
Solidification point (°C) : 18.8-19.3
Water content (%) : 0.1 max
Packing : 200 Kg net metal drums
Applications : In perfumery and fragrance industries in soaps, detergents, cosmetics As a flavoring agent in icecreams, candy, gelatins, tobacco In organic synthesis as an intermediate to pharmaceuticals, dyes and odorants As a speciality solvent for plastics and resins and a solvent for synthesis of pharmaceuticals, rubber, chemicals, dyes and corrosion inhibitors.
Safety and Handling See Safety Data Sheet
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