Alpha Methyl Styrene Manufacturers

Form : Liquid
Other Trade Name : Isopropenylbenzene/ α-methyl styrene
Chemical Formula : C9H10
Molecular Weight : 118.18
Product Description : colorless to pale yellow liquid
Spec. No. : PCL/AMS/2016/01-00
CAS No. : 98-83-9
UN No. : 2303
Class : 3
Packing Group : III



Purity (%) : 99.7 min
Phenol content (%) : 0.0005 max
n-propylbenzene and styrene content (%) : 0.03 max
Refractive index at 20°C : 1.5382-1.5390
Packing : In 175Kg net metal drums
Safety and Handling See Safety Data Sheet
Applications : As a chemical intermediate used in the manufacture of plasticizers, resins and polymerization production processes In making floor tiles, adhesives, floor polishers, plastics As raw material for ABS resin to improve the heat and impact resistance Used for modifying Polyester and Alkyd resins
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