Amino Ethyl Ethanol Amine Manufacturer


Grade : Technical
Form : Liquid
Other Trade Name : 2-[(2-aminoethyl)amino]-ethanol
Chemical Formula : C4H12N2O
Molecular Weight : 104.15g/mol
Spec. No.           : PR/AEEA/17/07-01
CAS No.           : 111-41-1
UN No.           : 2735
Class           : 8
Packing Group           : III


Appearance : Colourless To Pale Yellow Viscous Liquid
Purity (%) : 99.6 min
Ethylenediamine content (ppm) : 100 max
Packing : 210Kg steel drums
Safety and Handling : Refer Safety Data Sheet
Applications : AEEA is used as a chelating agent and in coatings to make additive for latex paints. Due to above property , it is used as a detergent/ cleaner/ fabric softener. It is also used as a dispersal detergent additive for gasoline. It is used as a a surfactant and as an ashless dispersant in engine oild and other lubricants.
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