Ethyl Acrylate

Grade : Technical
Form : Liquid
Other Trade Name : Ethyl 2-propenoate,Acrylic acid ethyl ester
Molecular Weight : 100.12
Chemical Formula : C5H8O2
Spec. No. : PR/EA/17/07-00
CAS No. : 140-88-5
UN No. : 1917
Class : 3
Packing Group : II


Appearance : Clear Colourless Liquid
Purity (%) : 99.5 min
Moisture Content (%) : 0.1 max
Acidity as acrylic acid (%) : 0.005 max
Color (Pt-Co) : 15 max
Specific gravity at 20o C : 0.920-0.924
Inhibitor content (ppm) : ± 15
Polymer content : NIL
Packing : 180Kg drums
Applications : 190 Kg (net) metal drums
Applications : EA is used in the production of polymers used in resins, plastics, rubber, and denture material. It is used in copolymers for synthesis of adhesives and polymer additives. It is used in synthesis of homopolymers for pressure sensitive adhesives, lacquers and in preparation of flocculants for sewage clarification and paper production. It is also used in chemical synthesis for production of pharmaceutical intermediates.
Remarks : Make: Imported
Safety and handling : Refer Safety Data Sheet
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