Form : Liquid
Chemical Formula : proprietary
Molecular Weight : proprietary
Other Trade Name : PU Dispenser cleaner
Spec. No. : PCL/PC901/16/11-02
CAS No. : proprietary
UN No. : (not hazardous)



Appearance : Pale yellow liquid
Purity (%) : 99.0 min
Moisture Content (%) : 0.30 max
Density (g/cm2) at 27°C : 1.06 – 1.09
Packing : 30 Kg Mild Steel Drums/td>
Safety and handling : Refer Safety Data Sheet
Applications : As an environment friendly substitute for Methylene Chloride in the cleaning and rinsing of mixing heads in the machine processing of polyurethane foams and resins. It is especially recommended for the processing of soft and rigid PU systems.
Advantages : Excellent cleaning and dissolving properties Neutralizes excess Isocyanate Reliably prevents build-up and clogging in the mixing and nozzle heads Very low emission, resulting in less air pollution Absolutely free of Methylene Chloride and other Halogenated compounds Efficient for both rigid and flexible foam systems High flash point, readily biodegradable, low toxicity to aquatic life.
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