At Prasol, we believe that plantation and Protection of trees is a great creative activity. It is also participation in divinity.

At Prasol, each one of us believe in 2 most important slogans

• Safety begins with team work.

• We believe time is always right to do what is right

Imparting knowledge to the students of Patalganga school, Honad, Khopoli

“PRAJOY” – Prasol’s joy of giving

As a part of CSR we at Prasol believe in giving back to the society in a small way whether it is imparting education to the school children in and around our factory vicinity or taking care of the environment /health and safety .

Haldi Kum Kum held on 28th Jan 2016 for the ladies of the surrounding villages at Khopoli.


Disha is a venture of Prasol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in year 2014. Disha was initiated with the aim of reaching out to the people residing in and round our Factory vicinity It is a training centre to train the school going children as well as adolescents from nearby villages in job oriented skills.

These vocational skills training include subjects like Computers, Plumbing, Electrical work etc.